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Best In Show Bitches

The tension is palpable, the excitement is mounting and the heady scent of competition is in the air... Now laugh and smile with us as we share with you behind the scenes of the competitive world of dog showing

The Bitch

As a lover of all things Dog Showing, I am so thrilled to offer the opportunity for the world to learn all about this amazing sport, all while having as much fun as I do. From the expert handler, to the brand-new exhibitor that has no idea where to start, I hope to be able to share every aspect of this competition and how you too can enjoy the ups and downs of competitive canine sports with a smile.

In addition to my video recorded antics and industry insider interview podcasts,  I will share my Dog Show Fashion Lookbook. With this sport notoriously known for less than attractive attire for women (and sometimes men) I will share the fashion finds that  I deem notable – The good, the bad and the ugly!



The Poop

Being on the road to dog shows all over the Country allows me the opportunity to see so many amazing people and pet so many fabulous dogs! Now I get to share my adventures and allow you all an opportunity to join the fun. Meet the personalities of the humans as well as the dogs and see what really goes on behind the scenes at dog shows. Witness the love the dogs receive, the passion the exhibitors have for their four-legged best friends and the excitement for the sports witnessed in all of those involved the world of canine sports. 

At each show that I attend, I will team up with a different team or individual and share my weekend’s adventures from their perspective. From professional handlers to small hobby exhibitors and even vendors, I will dive into each as only I can – With open eyes and a zest for fun.



The Pack

Over the years I have surrounded myself with a wide array of special friends that make my adventures beyond memorable! I am thrilled to be ale to share my love of these amazing individuals as members of my BISB Pack! Follow along and you too will quickly learn how life wouldn’t be complete without them!

Be on the lookout as I add pack members and unforgettable personalities through new podcast interviews, vlog episodes and blog posts. Check this page often to learn more about these amazing individuals and how to get in contact with them to obtain their services or simple share some BISB love!



Meet The Pack



Hey there, Jen of the Figgy’s Chihuahuas. I have been breeding and exhibiting this wonderful breed for over 12 years and am excited for the opportunity to share my love of the sport with the world. As a person who constantly looks at the brighter side of life, I too bring this outlook into dog showing. Often times in this sport, it is percieved as an extemely competitive world. To me it is just another day at the dog show – Tomorrow is a whole new day! Have fun with it! I enjoy sharing my perspective with those in the sport as well as those who are new or wish to learn more about exhibiting dogs. 

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