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Join Jen and Billy along with Special Guest Judges for our

Virtual Drunken Dog Show Specialties

Jen & Billy are back – Virtually that is!
Join us for some educational fun as we host virtual dog shows, as only we can!

Upcoming Virtual Specialties

Virtual Dog Show Breeds

DACHSHUND (All Varieties)

While we are truly all about making you smile while we also poke fun at ourselves, we would also like to help educate and inform while doing so! From that goal the idea for virtual drunken dog show was born!


Learn about specific breeds, from those that know them best in the sport, along with the lighthearted commentary from the dynamic-duo you have grown to know and love!


It’s called infotainment, so light hearted people need only apply!


*Alcohol not required, but also not frowned upon… and yes, we now have a drinking game as well!

What is a BISB Virtual Specialty Dog Show?

A creative and fun way to create a breed specific library of videos and information, BISB Style!

Jen & Billy are working with renowned breeders and handlers to create a fun and educational experience for all involved. Using our entry form, we will accept entries that consist of photos and videos and then along with these Special Guest Judges, we will interpret and share the breed standard, along with the lighthearted commentary of the sports undeniably, unforgettable co-hosts. Of course, additionally, we will be able to film those highly sought-after “How to Show Groom” along with other breed specific tips and techniques!

We will add the breeds to the list as the Specialty is planned and scheduled. If you are interested in having Jen & Bill share your breed, please hit us up!


Currently Scheduled Breeds:

GOLDEN RETRIEVER (deadline July 10, 2020)
SMOOTH FOX TERRIER (deadline July 10, 2020)
DACHSHUNDS (deadline July 10, 2020)

All Other Breeds:

Since there were requests for a multitude of breeds we have decided to begin taking entries for ALL BREEDS! Once we have a total of five entries for one particular breed we will start making arrangements to find and schedule with a guest judge(s)!

Ideally we would like a wide range of entries, starting at four months and of course up to adult. If you would like to gather at least five entries for your breed this would be your shot to get on the schedule.


How It Works
BISB Virtual Specialty Dog Show Event Rules:

BISB is not associated with any other registries, such as: AKC, UKC, Canadian KC, FCI..etc., except that the breed standards of UKC or AKC will be the preferred method for judging.

BISB will be limited to 20 entries. This includes Conformation and Junior Showmanship entries total.

Judging: Will be filmed in the month of July, with winners being announced during the Virtual Dog Show episode on the BISB YouTube Channel in July & August, 2020

Entry Date: Opening date will be June 13th, 2020. Closing date TBD.

Our VSDS is open to residents of North America, South America, Canada & it’s Provinces, & all Eastern European Countries. Entry payments must be made in US currency through PayPal.

All correspondence when entering MUST be done in English only.

Entry fee:
Conformation Classes: $5.50, per dog per class. Winners of the trophy will be responsible for mailing costs outside the Continental US.
Junior Showmanship Classes: Free. Winner of the Best Jr Handler trophy will have their award mailed for free if in the Continental US.

Titles will be awarded as follows:
Best Drunken Breed Winner
Best Drunk Puppy (6-18 months)
Best Not Allowed to Drink Junior (4-6 months)
Best Sober Minor (Junior Showmanship)

Submit Your Entry in the Virtual Dog Show

Please use our entry form to submit your entry.

If you are having difficulty uploading your video files, please email them directly to jen@bestinshowbitch.com

And while you are waiting for the VDDS Episode to be filmed and aired, check out the Jailbreak Diaries on BISB for what we did to keep ourselves occupied during our forced three month vacation from dog shows – Including getting permanently branded with DDS!!!!

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