Host The Bitch

Would you like the BIS Bitch to come hang with you?

Join In On The Fun!

Those who cannot laugh at themselves or this sport need not apply because that’s what hosting the bitch is all about! Have fun with Jen as only she can, all while spotlighting  your program or service and possibly having a cocktail – or two – rounding out the adventure!

What Does Hosting The Bitch Entail?

“Hosting” her basically means letting her hang out and film you! Interview questions, candid moments, preparing for the day, the ring and the accolades! Do you have a unique breed to groom? A pup with spunk you need taken back into the ring? Provide a service that gives a rare perspective to the sport? The more you share the better! Additionally, we can also add a Podcast interview that consists of the more serious questions, mixed with a cocktail of course! Bring your favorite recipe and we will share that as well!

How Do I Host The Bitch?

Simply use the form below to get in contact with Jen and she will share her updated schedule with you. Generally, she works with two hosts per two-day show. Larger clusters, of course, can include additional hosts.

What Is Your Show Schedule?

The calendar is constantly being updated but a quarterly schedule is the goal. Check our Dog Show Calendar for the most current information.

Host The Bitch

Please allow 24 hours for your reply – We are on the road a lot but I promise you, your inquiry is very important to us! 

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