We Always Have Lessons To Learn

Brooksville Week One

January 11-14, 2019

Lessons Learned…

It’s been a really long time since I drove back-and-forth every day for a dog show circuit. Love the me-time, hate the traffic, geeked I get to go to the gym… Once you need less you will have more… I get so totally tickled when people compliment me and ask about my dresses! I should probably make little cards that say, “I get my dresses at Ross, all for under $20. They are made by Shelby and Palmer. Thank you and you are very welcome”… They Lied! Carbs are the truth! #CarbsAreMySecretLover… The fluffier the dog the more products you need…. Sometimes it’s the biggest mistakes that turn out to be the best things that happen in your life… They changed the key ingredients in Quest bars! Dammit, now I know why I gained 3 pounds this weekend!!… I believe all Show Sundays should be Sangria Sundays… In case you didn’t know, I will do anything for those I love… What’s one more boy in my life, right?

Until next week…

Brooksville Week One OUT!

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