Season 2, Episode 59

Meet My Dearest Dog Show Friends

Hanging with Lana and Shelly in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Probably one of the most meaningful episodes to date! So happy to share how the amazing world of canine sports changed my life and brought these very special people into my life. In this day in the life VLOG episode, get to know my dearest friends and how the world of Chihuahuas changed my life forever! I owe canine sports for bringing these amazing people into my life. Lana and Shelly have been in many episodes, now learn how they became part of my family – Part of my pack! Get a peek into what we do at our annual friend vacation in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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Hosts & Guests

BIS Bitch Jen Shelly Rinaldi Lana Bowes Kristi Green


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