Season 2

The Pressures of YouTube

Story Time

Here is the rundown on why I had to take a small break from my channel and how the Corona Virus Quarantine made me refocus. Plus I have exciting news!!!!

The pressure of building a channel on YouTube while chasing views, and subscribers, and goals can be daunting! It really can effect your mental health! I unplugged a bit and reevaluated where I wanted my channel to go and how to get it there. Slowing down, enjoying the process and celebrating the amazing year’s worth of accomplishments!

And to help celebrate, I will be holding a monthly drawing! Listen to my story for all of the details!

Thank you to everyone that supported me, my channel and the entire project’s mission, to help inspire and share the love of canine sports! And to help this channel grow even more, please consider getting yourself some BISB Merch,  including some awesome drinkware, or becoming a Patron! This will allow me to go on more adventures so that I can continue to inspire, educate and entertain, one episode at a time!

Enjoy and Subscribe!

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