Season 1, Episode 24

Whelping A Litter of Chihuahua Puppies

Dogs 101 – Watch Tipsy the Chihuahua whelp her litter of four puppies – BISB Syle!

Jen & Shelly are back at the whelping box to welcome Tipsy’s four new puppies. Not only was the miracle of birth captured but it all started in bed! Join the late night sleep/whelping session and watch the birth of these adorable Chihuahua puppies.

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Whelping Box & Nursery Setup

Plastic Swimming Pool 

Easy to clean, light weight and perfect size for toy breed dogs


One can never have enough towels! I suggest all sizes and in the color white so they can be bleached

Storage Tote

Lay it on it’s side to create that “cave” for mom


I use one to drape over the tote for the first couple of weeks to prevent drafts but you can also use them in the box/pool itself to create more nesting material

Bolster Beds

Mom and pups will thank you for it!

Heating Pad

Being in Florida I have only had to use these in the winter months because my setup allows the mom’s bodyheat to keep puppies warm enough but a must for orphan puppies.

Washable Bed/Pee Pads 

What I use in my home for all my dogs but also what I threw on the bed for the whelping and on the floor for mom’s potty breaks

Small Washable Puppy Pee Pads

This small size is perfect for when the puppies are up and moving. They can be placed into the whelping box.

Whelping ToolBox

Kid’s Scissors They come in handy when needing to cut umbilical cords for puppies. The round tip makes it safer for everyone! Hemostats They are used to stop excessive bleeding but I use them to crimp off umbilical cords. I suggest you get them in an array of sizes – They come in handy! Disposable Gloves Some like to use them but I find them cumbersome and more trouble than they are worth.  I get down and dirty now and always start with hand sanitizer Personal Lubricant Another must-have item. I used it for stuck puppies, feathering to help open the birth canal and also when I need to take temperatures – less winces that way! Digital Thermometer Speaking of temperatures, use a thermometer to take temps starting on day 58 of the pregnancy. Once mom’s temps drops below 100 you should be whelping within 24 hours! Food Scale I find the multi function food scale the perfect choice for weighing toy puppies. I track in pounds/ounces some track in ounces only while others in grams. Everyone is happy! Once the puppies are older or if you have a larger breed, try a baby scale! Tums – Calcium Calcium is great for releasing hormones to give mom more power for pushing and stronger muscles. As for the puppies, the calcium supplements should be used with more precautions but vanilla ice cream can be helpful as it is a great way to hydrate them and provide them with an energy boost thanks to its glucose. Ice cream can also be give to the bitch

Puppy ER Kit

Feeding Tube Kit

They also come in handy if you have a pup that is ill and are unable to nurse. These tube feeding kits are available in a variety of sizes of tubes so you can choose which exact size you should be using for your puppies.

  • 3.5 — for small puppies
  • 5 — for small puppies
  • 8 — for large puppies
  • 10 — for large puppies

 Nipple/Syringe Feeding Kit

I find nippled syringes to be easier to feed with and that the puppies seem to eat better with them as well. The bottle are too cumbersome and give off too much air

Microwave Heated Disk

A true lifesaver when having to travel with newborn puppies!

Goat’s Milk Esbilac Powder 

I prefer goat’s milk , with a couple of cans always on hand. If you cant get your hands on the cans of the liquid, this power with do.

Nutri-Cal for Puppies

All puppies and dogs seem to love it – it’s a high calorie nutritional supplement that will give them a boost with the nutrition they need. Comes in handy when they are being weaned

Small Animal Carrier

Perfect to create a mini incubator with a heat disk for a single puppy or for transporting orphaned pups

Hosts & Guests

BIS Bitch Jen

Shelly Rinaldi

Tipsy the Chihuahua and her new puppies





Watch a chihuahua whelp a litter of puppies!

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