Season 1 – World Dog Show 2019 – Episode 2

Traveling to China

  Jen and Dolly have to live in the Incheon, Korea Airport for 17 hours on their way to China to attend the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai

This is Episode TWO in a series covering the antics and fun that ensue as  Jen and Dolly  travel internationally, across the globe with two dogs and attend the World Dog show in Shanghai, China!

This episode shares their adventures while living in an airport terminal for 17 hours with two dogs! 

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Must Have Supplies When Traveling With Dogs

STURDI Products Double Sided Pet Carrier

Collapsible Portable Litter Box

Portable Pet Bowls

Disposable Diapers (belly bands for boys – Chihuahua’s Size 2 or 3)


Hosts & Guests

BIS Bitch Jen

Dolly (Runchana Lertisirisumpun Deview)

Kelly the Pomeranian

Ikaros the Chihuahua

Stops on the Journey

Seoul/Incheon, South Korea

Wuhan, China


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